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Buying a plot of land and building a house is one of the most serious decisions in life. Therefore, they should be supported by solid thoughts and analyzes of the available options. 

From now on, our blog will periodically contain entries on various construction and technological solutions for such a project. I hope that they will help those who face such choices in choosing the best solution.

In the beginning, a few words about brick houses, because this material is the most commonly used in building houses in Poland. First of all, due to its durability and resistance to weather conditions. 

In addition, our mentality is rooted in stability and building something for future generations. When choosing a place for a house, we settle in it permanently, and often later pass it on to our children. Masonry construction makes this possible because it can last for decades.

The Construction of Prefabricated Houses : 

  • To become more and more popular. The root cause is the execution time which is usually shorter than with the traditional method. 
  • Both solutions have their supporters and opponents, but it is important that the Investor’s choice is based on a factual analysis of individual needs, expectations, and possibilities.

Advantages Of Remodeling:

  • The investor has a greater influence on the construction costs (choosing a contractor and materials)
  • You can build a house with a simple structure in 6-7 months in the developer’s condition
  • The traditional method has been used in Poland for many years, so there is no problem with finding experienced professionals
  • In most cases, construction is financed in stages, there is no need to pay in advance for material or labor
  • You can choose any project from each studio or create an individual project with an architect
  • There is a wide range of building materials on the market, from which you can choose something for yourself
  • At any time after the construction of the shell, you can choose the location of the installation (only the sewage system requires a prior decision because these are large diameter pipes that are difficult to hide in the floor)
  • The structure made of ceramic bricks, silicate or cellular concrete is durable and stable
  • There is a very good heat accumulation through the walls, which results in a slower cooling time in the winter and a pleasant coolness in the summer
  • The fire resistance of walls and ceilings is increased due to the use of non-flammable materials
  • The durability of the materials results in a long life of the house – a house is built for several generations
  • Walls made of ceramics, and in particular of silicate, result in very low sound permeability, i.e. good room acoustics
  • Good vapor permeability – masonry walls breathe
  • You can spread the construction over the years and gradually build a house by spreading the financial commitment.
Why Remodeling