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Like any object, with the use and the passage of time it deteriorates. Whether they are homes or offices, it is necessary to periodically perform maintenance on:

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  • Facades
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Roofs

Remodeling services will not only help prevent serious damage to structures. It also contributes to making spaces comfortable and pleasant places to live or work.

Best of all, even a small remodel will help you feel your space with greater harmony and good energy.

The fact of moving an object or giving a new color to a structure generates feelings of joy and comfort, especially if it is done in a personalized way.


Remodeling involves keeping in mind various elements, from repairing any type of breakdown, to choosing decorative items in detail. But what are the benefits of remodeling? We point out some:

  • Generates comfort
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Increase the useful life of construction
  • Avoid accidents due to damage to structures
  • It helps to save on energy and water consumption, among others
  • Provides a new perspective of where you live or work


According to Jorge Valle, national commercial director of SOC Asesores Hipotecarios , in an interview with El Economista , to carry out a remodeling it is important to consider specialized loans if you prefer to do it on your own:

For its part, Grupo Omese recommends consulting experts on the subject so that both financing and construction work do not exceed what was budgeted or planned. In addition, there are companies specialized in providing this type of service at affordable costs.

3 benefits of doing an office remodel in your company

Carrying out a renovation in your offices provides a  large number of immediate benefits  that not only apply to your workers, but also to your visitors and guests.

At Iredu, we want you to know all the benefits that you can obtain from an office remodel. Next, we share with you the 3 main examples.

1. Optimize spaces

Renovating an office space  promotes more efficient use of space , in addition to other benefits.

In the first instance, the most obvious benefit is having more space. This is not always the case, but in general, older offices use a lot of square meters with little efficiency. A new design will allow a  practical accommodation to the space, allow the visibility and movement of people , and better locate the offices according to their uses.

In many commercial architecture projects, one of the most important responsibilities is  optimizing space .

An optimized space helps to re-adapt a space, either by borrowing a little or combining rooms. For example,  a general office can be reduced in size to create a larger conference room  to meet the needs of the business.

Expanding the size and location of room changes will depend on what  the main interests are in the company .

2. Improve the experience of your staff

It’s extremely difficult to put a price tag on employee happiness, efficiency, corporate culture, and performance . An  office remodel  can improve both the productivity and efficiency of the office, although one of the best benefits will be the feeling of renewal in your employees.

New spaces, whether remodeled or newly built,  increase your employees’ commitment  to the team. Using a concept of open spaces and glass where possible, you will not only add modern and attractive elements, but  will improve connection and communication.

Office remodeling carried out with the most current construction and design practices will inspire your staff to  carry out their daily activities with a more creative touch . The “new” factor is a powerful influence and there will be nothing that motivates you to work better than a good relationship with your co-workers, arising from better communication in the company.

3. Strengthens the corporate image

Having an old-fashioned, old-fashioned office can impact your reputation more than you might think.  The spaces in your company can suffer from poor optimization, old infrastructure, poor arrangements and many other problems that are not noticed with the naked eye.

Your employees and your offices are the face of your company, so you  must ensure that there is a connection between what you offer with your brand and what your image communicates . Office remodeling can give a new look to your space, improve the customer experience and guarantee the durability of the place where you work.

Having a new space will also promote more cleanliness, generating better first impressions. Investing in an  office remodel will  not only make you feel better, but your visitors will feel more comfortable  in a space that takes into account current trends in construction and design.